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OpenStack cloud adoption continues to rise but challenges remain
The adoption of OpenStack is going up and increasingly seen as a cost effective alternative to public clouds, according to
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Zenny’s Cloud Links: 2012 Predictions, Open Source, Cloud Policy

Every Friday we like to highlight some of our favorite posts on Cloud Computing, service orientated infrastructure, DevOps, Big Data, and anything else that grabbed our attention over the week. Here are some great articles from the week of December 5th READ MORE

HP brings out public beta cloud on pay-as-you-go

Hewlett Packard has released its first public beta cloud services with over 40 companies publicly supporting the move. The company announced that its three services – HP Cloud Compute, HP Cloud Object Storage and HP Cloud Content Delivery Network – READ MORE

Why Legacy Loses to Commercial Open Source

It’s always fascinating to watch legacy/proprietary software vendor’s bloviate about the value of closed software.  With the advent of Commercial Open Source vendors such as Red Hat, one would have thought this argument would have been put to bed.  Let’s READ MORE

Will CliQr end fears of cloud vendor lock-in?

As the Google I/O conference gets underway in San Francisco, a Google-backed start-up has launched a cloud solution which aims to eradicate vendor lock-in. Cloud management providers CliQr Technologies has launched CloudCenter, a product which “enables applications to get to READ MORE

Wrong strategy: 5 ways not to compete with Amazon AWS

Who can argue with the success of their on-line retail ventures, Kindle franchise, and of course AWS? The secret to Amazon’s success is their ability to tune out the noise and focus on innovating, disrupting and creating new markets.  Here’s READ MORE

HP’s Cloud Object SLA: 99.95% uptime or your money back

The cloud uptime debate rumbles on with Hewlett Packard promising their Cloud Object storage service will have at least 99.95% availability, with customers receiving service credits if it’s down. The credits, as one would expect, increase the longer the cloud READ MORE

Four ways OpenStack improves enterprise IT

Industry discussion around the role OpenStack can play in the enterprise remains rife – given its open source nature, it is still viewed with suspicion by a number of businesses. When taking a closer look at how the industry is READ MORE

EMC snaps up Cloudscaling, looks to expand in OpenStack markets

Tech giant EMC has bought open cloud provider Cloudscaling, according to reports, bolstering the firm’s push towards OpenStack. The reports, which first surfaced in Bloomberg, gave little information regarding further details, but suggested that the deal was worth less than READ MORE

The importance of DevOps when deploying with AWS

The fact that ‘Time is Money’ applies today, just as it did the past. In contemporary computing environments, business agility to address customer needs directly translates to the success of your company. This is where the emerging software development paradigm, READ MORE

Google announces Cloud Monitoring in beta for Cloud Platform and AWS customers

Google has announced its Cloud Monitoring service, which tracks usage and uptime for Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services customers, is now in beta availability. The announcement comes just days after the search giant released Cloud Trace, which allows developers READ MORE